How to install Pro Tools First

Pro Tools First is the free version of Pro Tools, the most famous DAW nowadays. Available for Windows and Mac, it comes loaded with many of the most used tools from Pro Tools, which can be more than enough for starters or those who are looking for an easy (but powerful) way to compose and record their own songs with a computer.

This is what you must do to install Pro Tools for free:

  1. Download Pro Tools from this website

Execute the downloaded file. Then, you will get a zip archive (, containing the setup wizard. Open Setup.exe and you will see a window which starts the installation process. There you must select the option “Install Pro Tools First”.

Setup Pro Tools First

  1. Install the required components

Next, the assistant may detect some missing components required for the program to run properly. In this case, you’ll see the following screen:

Pro Tools First components

Press “Install” and wait for the requested operations to end. In a few minutes, everything will be ready and the welcome screen of the Pro Tools First installer will show. Press “Next”, accept the terms and conditions and all the program files needed will be copied to your hard disk.

InstallShield Pro Tools First

If you are prompted for permission to install certain components, just agree in order to complete the process properly. In a while, you’ll be able to press “Finish” if everything went fine and you will be prompted to restart your PC to complete the setup.

  1. Log in into your Avid Master Account

Pro Tools First is completely free, but in order to work it requires to create an Avid Master Account. If you haven’t do it yet, just register with your name and email and you are ready to go (choosing the password you like). Once you are ready, insert your account info in the field which will appear the first time you run this software.

And that’s all! Now you are ready to install Pro Tools First 100% free. The last available version was published on February 2016 (Pro Tools First 12.3).