Update Pro Tools First to the last version available

Update Pro Tools First

Updating Pro Tools First is always something advisable. Once you download and install the latest version of this free program for audio editing, its overall performance gets improved, security bugs are fixed and, sometimes, even some new features arrive.

If you want to update Pro Tools there is no need to repeat the process of downloading and installing Pro Tools First. All you have to do is to open the program Application Manager, which is installed with the main software.

As soon as you do it, you will see a window with different tabs: Account, Applications, Licenses and Support. If you have previously login into your Avid Master Account, you will see all the available options in the Applications menu.

In the event that a new version of Pro Tools First is available, you will see the text “Download” (or “Install”) beside, marked in blue, while if you already have installed the most recent version, the text “Current” will be prompted in green.

Download plugins for Pro Tools First

Also, from here you can download plugins for Pro Tools First, which allow you to use more practical tools in this DAW. It’s strongly recommended to install all of them, so the user experience gets as complete as possible.

Moreover, you don’t need to take care of Application Manager to update the program, because every time you turn on your PC, this app checks whether new versions of Pro Tools are available and, if found, you will be immediately notified. That’s easy!

Remember that Pro Tools First is 100% free and that you can download it from this website, 100% secure. All you must bear in mind is to compose and record your own music with the computer. The rest is up to Pro Tools! Unleash your creativity without spending money and with the same excellence of audio pros.